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The Kenyan coast is lined with pristine white sand beaches fringing the warm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. Here the wilderness meets the sea, and the ocean itself holds a world of spectacular coral reefs teeming with life and colour.

The coast is a place with a long and exotic history, its calm blue waters the traditional passage of the Arabian Spice Trade.

Along the length of this coast, Arab and Portuguese forts, Old Towns and the overgrown, deserted ruins of Swahili outposts bear witness to this fascinating history. In the winding medieval streets and bustling markets of Lamu and Mombasa Old Town, life has continued unhurried and unchanged for more than 400 years.

South Coast Beaches

South of Mombasa, there are wide expanses of white sand beach, the small coastal villages of Kwale and magnificent coral reefs …

North Coast Beaches

North of Mombasa, you will find stunning deserted beaches, the blue expanse of Kilifi Creek, and more…


This is a place like no other, a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at it’s own relaxed rhythm, but a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of it’s medieval stone town ...

Tana River Delta


This remote coastal wilderness gives you the best of both worlds, beautiful deserted beaches and a river delta alive with wildlife …


Malindi and Watamu


Malindi and Watamu offer plenty for the traveller who wants to blend relaxation and exploration.

 Cultural Safari

The coast was for centuries Kenya's gateway to the world, a place of passage for  sailors, traders, slavers and explorers. All those who passed this way left their own mark, and these influences blended with local communities to create a diverse and unique culture all of its own.


Kenya's coast offers the visitor an endless range of accommodation choices that can satisfy any interest, taste or budget. From a romantic island hideaway to a rustic beachside hut, from a family resort to a campsite overlooking the sea, the coast offers everything under the sun....

Today the coast remains an intricate and heady mix of cultures, a place of rich exoticism waiting to be explored. Come and explore the cultures of the coast...


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